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Jodhpur: A 38-year-old man hacked his wife and boy until his death, handed over on Wednesday The No air conditioning charge is brought against him, Weed caught the culprit and took a sword and a stone knife in the area.After the homicide, the accused also attempted to commit suicide, but did not failed to gather his value and continued to sit using the In the morning, his brothers and sister, who were in the immediate vicinity, were informed of the episode and informed the police. PDCA Anant Kumar Far East, Suresh Meghwal 38, charged 38, is often a member of the Mason staff, who lived with his wife, a not ceiling fan at ceiling-fan boy, his sister and his mother in Nandari under the Banar police in Jodhpur. "On Monday in Mondy, his brother informed the police that his brother's wife, Teeja Devi 33 years old and his boy Vikaram 8 places in the body basin of their area, "said Kumar, including a sword and a second-hand knife in tarnished stone, also found near the systems. After obtaining the details, the authorities rushed to the determined place to determine the particular groups with the woman and the son inside the room, using the slit throat. "During the study, it turned out that Suresh was mentally annoyed and disturbed by inherited altercations," said Today‘s Ceiling Fans Kumar. In agreement with him, on Wednesday evening also, he had had headaches concerning his wife and anger, he had sliced ​​the throat of his wife and his boy, who owned a second-hand stonemason they were definitely asleep . Just after killing them, Suresh also attempted to commit suicide, holding across the threshold, but unable to muster all the assets to do so.

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